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About Orchard Hill

Orchard Hill is the name of our home in northern Utah. 25 years ago, we moved into this wonderful place that my husband, Keith (the architect in the family) designed to be our home and his office. At the time we had three wonderful children, all adopted from India. Within a few years, we welcomed our youngest daughter, also from India, into our family.

Our hillside home has become much more than just a house. It is where we have welcomed dear family & friends in addition to numerous animal friends (including our Rex Rabbits), grown & harvested our own produce and created artisan goods such as pottery, clothing and more.

As part of our continually expanding vision of sharing the joy we have experienced in our mountain home, we are now inviting other artisans to share their creations with you in periodic pop-up shops. We love sharing treasures that we enjoy. These might be original artwork, antiques and textiles that we discover on our journeys throughout the world, or the great things we create right here at Orchard Hill.

Join us on our journey!

Cindy Bennett



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